The Future Earth Network

  • Global Hubs
  • Regional Centres
  • National Networks
  • Global Research Projects
Secretariat hubs oversee Future Earth’s global operations, spearheading efforts around research enabling, innovative communications, research synthesis and capacity mobilisation. They are located in Colorado, Montreal, Paris, Stockholm and Tokyo. See a list of our hub staff here.
Future Earth’s regional centres and offices play a crucial role in adapting and spreading the vision of the programme, driving research around the sustainability challenges facing particular regions of the world. 
National networks for Future Earth are becoming established around the world. They harness, enable and support sustainability research and engagement at the national level and communicate with Future Earth about the needs of nations across the globe. Learn more about our national networks here.
These projects mobilize thousands of scientists who generate research on important aspects of global change, including the atmosphere, oceans and land and on the history of people and climate. 
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