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Major Impediment to Sustainability

  • 1.  Major Impediment to Sustainability

    Posted 09-17-2019 15:16
    In the USA, governments at all levels typically promote "economic" growth whether it is economical or not, and with no thought about sustainability.  Economic growth is propped up by population growth, depletion of finite resources and ever-increasing debt.  Economic growth is worshiped like a religion.  Because economic success is measured in gross terms (GDP) more is always better.
    My book, 'Gross Deceptive Product: An Ecological Perspective on the Economy', explores these and other issues dealing with sustainability in an easy-to-read manner.
    We must ask ourselves: How can we address critical issues like climate change as long as we hold economic growth paramount?
    I believe we can't.  That is why I believe that economic growth is in fact the most serious environmental problem facing the human race.
    You can find my book on or follow the link below.