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Call for abstracts: SOLAS Science & Society Session @ Ocean Sciences Meeting, 16-21 Feb 2020, San Diego, USA.

  • 1.  Call for abstracts: SOLAS Science & Society Session @ Ocean Sciences Meeting, 16-21 Feb 2020, San Diego, USA.

    Posted 08-20-2019 07:28

    SOLAS Science & Society session proposed for the Ocean Sciences Meeting, 16-21 Feb 2020, San Diego, USA - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

    Erik van Doorn
     (Kiel University, Germany), Christa Marandino (GEOMAR, Germany), Phil Boyd (University of Tasmania, Australia), and Bill Miller (University of Georgia, USA) proposed a session (SI011) on The apparent mismatch between science and policy at the air-sea interface

    Abstract: The Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project has demonstrated over the last fifteen years that a robust understanding of climate systems requires scientific integration of processes connecting the surface ocean and the lower atmosphere. From a policy perspective, however, a clear distinction is generally made between the ocean and the air directly above it, with little consideration of the critical connection between the two. Regulatory frameworks for the governance of the ocean, on the one hand, and the atmosphere, on the other, reflect this arbitrary binarity. Moreover, current policy does not take into account any vertical movements in either the atmosphere or the ocean. Developing policy that makes tangible progress towards sustaining a resilient planet (for instance, the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals) thus requires the interdisciplinary collaboration between both natural and social scientists together with policy makers. This session would address discrepancies between ocean/atmosphere science and policy. We encourage submissions that deal with the influence of the atmosphere on the ocean and / or feedbacks from ocean to atmosphere that could or should have a direct or indirect impact on marine policy, any social science perspectives that relate to the air-sea interface, and topics that address the integration of ocean and atmosphere regulatory frameworks and governance.

    The deadline for abstract submission is September 11, 2019 (11:59 PM EDT). Submissions from the natural sciences, social sciences or both combined are welcome. Abstracts should be submitted via the following link: