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SOLSTICE call (JPI Climate)

  • 1.  SOLSTICE call (JPI Climate)

    Posted 11-13-2019 15:30

    SOLSTICE seeks interdisciplinary contributions from consortia led by Social Sciences and Humanities who will address societal aspects of climate change. This call also aims to attract scientists who work in disciplines that are typically not associated with climate change research in order to develop innovative approaches and combinations of disciplines.

    Given the pressing nature of global climate change, SOLSTICE aims at producing knowledge that can have an impact on society and policy; impact should not be limited to scientific publications, but should have the potential to trigger change in behavior and attitudes at any level of society.

    The call addresses three themes:

    • Social justice and participation
    • Sense making, cultural meaning and risk perceptions
    • Transformative finance and economy

    The rationale for this call can be found in the JPI Climate White Paper "Operationalising knowledge on and for societal transformations in the face of climate change".

    You can find more information on the call in our website with the link to the call website

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