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Update on UN Decade of Ocean Science Planning Process / new website live

  • 1.  Update on UN Decade of Ocean Science Planning Process / new website live

    Posted 09-13-2019 05:34

    The following update from the IOC / UNESCO gives an overview of progress in the planning process for the UN Decade of Ocean Science:

    1st Global Planning Meeting

    The 1st Global Planning Meeting was the first step of a global consultation process to inform the preparatory phase of the Ocean Science Decade for Sustainable Development. Through your active participation, we gathered insights on priority issues for programme development, knowledge gaps in addressing societal goals, and recommendations. You shared your perspective on how critical it is to ensure the societal outcomes remain central in delivering the Decade, the importance of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches at all stages including the science design, as well as the engagement of youth and early career professionals, and the importance of capacity development  as a priority outcome, particularly for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDC). We compiled your input and we would like to invite you to consult the Summary Report available online on the new Decade website

    Regional Workshops and additional consultation mechanism

    As mentioned in the 1st GPM, a series of Regional Workshops would be carried over the coming months. In this regard, it is a pleasure to let you know that the first two were successfully delivered: the  Pacific Community Workshop in Noumea, New Caledonia on 24th to 26th July and the North Pacific Workshop in Tokyo, Japan on 31st July to 2nd August, organized by the Pacific Community and WESTPAC/PICES respectively. The event reports will also be made available online once finalized.

    Additional regional workshops will take place in the coming months, as follows:

    • Southeast Pacific, Guayaquil, Ecuador: 24th-26th September;
    • South Atlantic, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 25th-27th November;
    • North Atlantic, Halifax, Canada: 7th-9th January 2020;
    • India Ocean, Chennai, India: 7-9th January 2020;.
    • Mediterranean, Venice, Italy: Date to be confirmed, January 2020.

     In addition, discussions are underway with regard to the other regions and oceanic basins in order to ensure comprehensive consultations within prescribed timelines leading to the finalization of the Decade Implementation Plan and the launch of the Decade. More details will be shared through our web presence as details are confirmed.

    A number of activities targeting specific stakeholder groups are also being organized. For instance, in partnership with The Velux Foundation, the IOC will bring together the philanthropic sector for a structured dialogue, inviting the Foundations to join a Global Foundations Alliance to raise awareness, build synergies and promote high impacts investments to deliver the Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. This event will be held on 29-30 October 2019, at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen, Denmark.


    2nd Global Planning Meeting

    The Second Global Planning Meeting will be held in March 2020 in Paris. Its concept is being refined to ensure it galvanizes input from all previous consultations and meeting outcomes and foster the development partnerships, investments and contributions, leading to the completion of the Decade Implementation Plan and official launch of the Decade.   


    Decade Website

    Finally, we would invite you visit the new UN Decade of Ocean Science website at In additional to all the information on the events and meeting reports mentioned previously, the Decade website will be an evolving source of relevant information. We encourage you to create a profile, both a Partner account for your organization and User accounts (attached to the organization accounts) for individuals within your organization. The website is still in its very early days, and will be populated over the course of the coming months. It is meant to be interactive and provide user a central role in contributing content, consulting information and documentation as well as interacting with other users through the Online Community Forum for example. In this context, your active participation is strongly encouraged!


    We would like to thank you all again for your valuable contributions at the first Global Planning Meeting and for helping us to grab this once in a life-time opportunity to deliver the Science We Need for the Ocean We Want.


    Best regards,

    Ocean Decade Team