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JPI Water -- Public Consultation on SRIA 3.0 and Vision 2030

  • 1.  JPI Water -- Public Consultation on SRIA 3.0 and Vision 2030

    Posted 01-28-2019 03:25
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    There is only 1 week left on the Public Consultation to update the Water JPI the Vision 2030 and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

    Fill-out the Online Survey available here, which closes on the 1st February 2019.

    The Water JPI (www.waterjpi.euis currently updating the Vision 2030 and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 3.0. As part of the public consultation process, your feedback is important to us because it will help to inform our new Vision 2030 and SRIA 3.0. By completing the online survey, you will ensure both of the revised documents are relevant and robust. The results of this public consultation will inform a series of national and international consultative workshops in 2019.

    The Water JPI Vision document is the overarching road map that is reviewed every 10 years. It provides the context (trends, drivers and challenges) and outlines the JPI objectives and research questions responding to the issues and challenges facing the European water sector up to 2030 and beyond.

    The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda sets out the guiding principles and identifies policy-relevant research priorities for the future, while making them openly accessible to the various stakeholders, including policy makers, regulatory agencies, researchers, end-users and the public. It charts the future water-related research, development and innovation in Europe and is reviewed every 5 years to ensure it remains relevant. The current SRIA 2.0 presents the strategic objectives and research priorities under five key themes. However, the next revision, must respond to both current and emerging global water challenges for the next 10 years and beyond.

    Links to Key Documents:

    -       Water JPI Vision 2020 (to be updated in 2019) -

    -       Summary of the Vision document -

    -       Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA 2.0 to be updated in 2019) -

    -       Introduction to the Water JPI SRIA 2.0 -

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