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Call for Contributions to Terralingua’s Langscape Magazine & release of latest issue

  • 1.  Call for Contributions to Terralingua’s Langscape Magazine & release of latest issue

    Posted 03-04-2020 16:51

    Dear all, greetings from Terralingua! For your interest, we just put out the Call for Contributions to the next issue of  Langscape MagazineVol. 9.1 (Summer 2020), on the theme "The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity."

    In this issue we want to explore how people around the globe – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – are rebelling against the extinction of biocultural diversity. We are looking for contributions that are "edgy" and a bit hard-hitting: ones that – rather than simply celebrating biocultural diversity or talking about the loss of biocultural diversity and the importance of revitalizing it – show how individuals and groups are taking conscious and powerful action to counter the loss, without shying away from the difficult historical and political issues involved.

    If you are interested in contributing, please visit our Call for Contributions page and send us an Expression of Interest. And please also share the Call for Contributions with others!

    You may also be interested in the recently released Vol. 8 of Langscape Magazine"Re-storying Biocultural Diversity: Wisdom from Young Indigenous Leaders."

    This 160-page double issue features a wealth of written stories, photo essays, videos, and artwork, all contributed by young Indigenous persons from all over the world, who tell their stories of (re)connecting to their ancestral languages, cultural traditions, and links with the land. The volume is largely the outcome of the Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle, a project we carried out last year as a contribution to the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL 2019).

    All Vol. 8 content is available online, both on our website and on the reading platform Medium. The PDF and print editions of this volume are also available. We hope you'll enjoy these stories – and please do let others know about them, too!

    As well, the Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle (IYSC) continues in 2020. Young Indigenous persons may choose to contribute to the general theme of the IYSC or to the "Biocultural Extinction Rebellion" theme of Langscape Magazine 9.1. We'll appreciate your help with circulating this announcement to young Indigenous people in your network!

    We look forward to receiving your expressions of interest!

    With warm regards,

    Luisa Maffi

    Unity in Biocultural Diversity - Together we can!

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