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Practicing Sustainability through Chemistry - Earth Day Webinar

  • 1.  Practicing Sustainability through Chemistry - Earth Day Webinar

    Posted 04-13-2020 13:19

    Beyond Benign will be hosting a free webinar entitled "We are all in this together: Why chemists and non-chemists must join forces to invent a future we can be proud of" featuring Dr. John Warner on Wednesday, April 22nd at 12 PM ET. We hope you will share this webinar information,, with your colleagues and co-workers across departments, so that collectively, we can succeed to create a future for generations to come. Global climate change, ocean plastics and toxics in the environment, we hear the issues loud and clear. We hear about green chemistry, sustainable chemistry, circular economy, and biomimicry as possible solutions – but we may be confused on how they all fit together. In this webinar, John will discuss how all approaches are necessary, and how everyone has opportunities and responsibilities to help bring about a future that we can be proud of.  

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