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Problematic Mindsets to Addressing Climate Change

  • 1.  Problematic Mindsets to Addressing Climate Change

    Posted 01-30-2019 20:50
    While written for New Jersey in the U.S., this long exploration of negative mindsets might be relevant in other areas. The good news is that the state has woken up to the problem of climate change. But at various forums, the messages on what we can do about it are limited. A major reason is that these mindsets, along with similar concepts such as cognitive traps or too many "business-as-usual" assumptions, are blocking consideration of the possibilities. This makes getting an audience and consideration for an out-of-the-box idea so much harder.

    An other way of looking at mindset barriers are that these are things we do to ourselves. This is less familiar than those we typically talk about such as established non-sustainability players actively blocking consideration of new ideas that may be needed for Transformations.

    We need to find ways to overcome these negative mindsets. Unfortunately there are a lot of them.

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