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Extinction of Indigenous people & cultures

  • 1.  Extinction of Indigenous people & cultures

    Posted 02-02-2019 01:11
    My documentary is about the indigenous lifestyle of tribal people living in Gabral valley of Hindu Kush mountains and their seasonal migration i.e. nobody live in this valley in winter due to severe snow falling and the valley becomes no man land. When the frozen valley is converted into a lush green pastures they return to their homes in summer.these people living on the very edge of this extreme environmental conditions flooding in monsoon a big worry for them.

    This is one of the oldest traditions still exist in the remote Hind Kush mountains of Pakistan & Afghanistan. These water mills are vanishing in this modern world. But the inhabitants of this region preserve their year's long traditions. These people living on the roof of the Hindu Kush start milling their wheat and corn as first snow of the season fall on the mountains.

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    Junaid Ali