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New Blue Economy Future SA website and Future Earth

  • 1.  New Blue Economy Future SA website and Future Earth

    Posted 01-31-2019 20:36


    I sincerely apologise for the intrusion upon your valuable time, trusting you are well but  I'm currently updating a website with all information related to the blue/ocean/climate/space economies and my other projects which should be operational. which you can search or check. It will have all manner of jobs, funding opportunities, employbility skills presentations, research projects and other ideas -you may wish to check the sections. As a Future Earth Connected Community Network member and past workshop participant I would appreciate this being forwarded to all your members

    Although I am still compiling it; please feel free to recommend to any contacts for their own interest and publicise it via social media etc. Alternatively if you ever hear of any funding, jobs, other opportunities, ideas for debates, projects and businesses that need supporting, related news/events and anything else or any reseach you would like to publicise in a forum or cannot get published, feel free to let me know;  and advise others to contact me

    Wishing you all the best with respect and thanks

    Jack Dyer

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