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Priorities for social-ecological scenario research (2nd iteration)

  • 1.  Priorities for social-ecological scenario research (2nd iteration)

    Posted 04-16-2018 07:28
    Participatory scenarios are increasingly used in sustainability research and planning contexts to explore the interdependencies between humans and ecosystems in alternative futures. We are conducting a horizon scan to identify key research priorities to enhance the use of such participatory social-ecological scenarios. We would like to ask you to contribute your expertise and opinion by rating the priority of 32 research questions, and propose key missing questions.

    The purpose of this horizon scan is to contribute to building the community of researchers and practitioners emerging around the development and application of participatory social-ecological scenarios. We are interested in assessing what people within this community think are priorities for research, to identify knowledge gaps and help organize and focus this community. The results of this work will be presented in a peer-reviewed open-access paper.

    The online form can be found here:
    It will take approx. 12 minutes of your time. The success of this community-based assessment greatly depends on the willingness of researchers and practitioners to contribute. We highly appreciate your effort.

    It would be great if you could share this call with your fellow scenario experts and practitioners.

    Friendly regards,
    Jan Kuiper

    dr. Jan J. Kuiper
    Stockholm Resilience Centre
    & The Natural Capital Project