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Citizen science and UN SDGs

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    Posted 07-05-2018 08:43
    Perhaps of interest to some in the Future Earth community:

    Invitation to join the ECSA Policy Working Group;  SDG and CS Task and Finish Group.                                                            Register here
    To maximize citizen science contribution to and benefit from the UN 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    The ECSA Policy Working Group, (working closely with the Citizen Science Global Partnership CSGP) is seeking people who can see the opportunities for both SDGs and CS in developing ways for citizen science to contribute significantly to the UN 2030 Agenda and SDGs. We are establishing a Task and Finish Group to explore the possibilities and establish the frameworks and networks to maximise the benefits to both.
    Short term objectives:
    •  Identify where and how citizen science can add value to the SDGs – by carefully evaluating the requirements of the reporting framework and mapping them to CS use cases.
    •  Identify opportunities for CS methodology to be acknowledged as provider of citizen generated data, by raising the profile of the methodology at national and international levels, including advocacy at high level.
    Medium-long term objectives:
    •  Build momentum in the community – by proposing strategies to facilitate the creation of CS and SDG networks and partnerships.
    •  Support organisations that want to contribute and/or benefit from engagement with the UN 2030 Agenda – by exploring and identifying guidelines at a range of scales and complexities and appropriate to different local conditions.
    •  Support CS projects and platforms that want to contribute to the SDGs - by providing tools and recommended procedures on an online hub on the Citizen Science Global Partnership website.
    •  Facilitate interoperability of projects and analysis – by proposing data and metadata schema for CS data relevant to the SDGs.
    •  Make sure that Goal 17 "Leave no-one behind" principles of the UN Agenda 2030" is built into CS projects - by providing tools and guides for inclusiveness, equity and empowerment.
     The first reporting milestone of the SDG Task & Finish Group (SDGTFG) will be at the Eye on Earth Forum in Vienna in October 2018. We expect to have 3 teleconference meeting and to undertake sufficient background work in that time to develop a strategic plan for future activities. We have made a proposal to take the results of our work to the UN Big Data Forum in Dubai in late October.
    Register here
    We would like to know what your particular interest is in the SDGs and CS at this point.
    Are you interested in making an active contribution to the TFG or would you like just to receive information from it at this stage?
     If you wish to be actively involved which of the objectives are you particularly interested in working on? 
    In responding to this invitation we ask you to please confirm how much time you are prepared to commit to the Group. Also if you are interested in helping with the administration of this group, we will be delighted to hear from you.
           Please also let us know whether or not you might be interested in attending  and fund your own travel and accommodation to either the UN World Data Forum or the Eye-on-Earth Symposium  in Dubai on 22-24th  October 2018.  Subsidised travel is expected to be available for travel to Dubai but full details are not yet known.  Although there is no confirmed funding for the Group's activities at this stage, we expect this may change in future as the importance of the work is recognised.

    Any questions please contact: Libby Hepburn, Rosy Mondardini, Caren Cooper