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Subject: Deadline approaching: Transformations Call

1.  Deadline approaching: Transformations Call

Posted 03-15-2017 07:15
Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) Call for Project Outline Proposals is soon closing

The Belmont Forum and NORFACE launch the ERA-NET Cofund ”Transformations to Sustainability” programme (acronym: T2S). T2S will contribute to re-structuring the broad field of sustainability research by placing social science and humanities at the heart of interdisciplinary research in a step change in scale and scope for research programming on this topic.

Co-production of knowledge and research problem formulation is considered to be critical to the process of societal transformation. Researchers from social sciences/humanities (SSH) can apply to T2S on behalf of a consortium.

The deadline for the first stage of Outline Proposals is April 5, 2017.


Let us know in the Transformations Knowledge Action Network if we can help in any way!


Rebecca Oliver
Senior Engagement & Dialogue Lead
Future Earth Secretariat
Swedish Global Hub,
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 673 9776
Mobile: +46 730 275368

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Posted 03-15-2017 08:23
we are very interested but stuck on getting the right partnerships/consortia --any ideas?

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Posted 03-16-2017 01:24

We are from India and would like to partner if anybody is interested .

best wishes

Dr. Subhasis Ray,
Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)
Xavier University

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Posted 03-17-2017 01:23
Hi All:


I am also interested to collaborate, if any one is interested. You can visit my profile by using hyper-link given in the signature.

Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR)
Gota, Ahmedabad - 380 060
Gujarat, India

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Posted 03-19-2017 18:57
I am interested for collaboration or partnership.


Scientist, Crop Science (Climate Change & Agriculture), Agricultural Research Station of Cinzana/Institut d'Economie Rurale (IER), Mali.
Skype: siade.trimegiste

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Posted 03-20-2017 03:28
Is there a ready consortium looking for additional members that we can join? Please advise. Thanks

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Posted 03-20-2017 10:47
I would be interested in collaboration as well.

Adam Samms, EP(t).

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Posted 03-21-2017 06:52

Hi All,


If you're looking for partners from Finland, we have design for sustainability, design for transitions expertise from practical as well as theoretical and critical perspectives. We use design research methodologies to understand intervention points in systems from a social perspective. If now or in the future such expertise would complement your scientific and/or social scientific work feel free to get in touch with me.  


Best Regards,


Dr. İdil Gaziulusoy| Assistant Professor Sustainable Design | Department of Design | Aalto University

M: +358 (0) 505 671 137 |E:| A: Hämeentie 135 C | W:

@blindpsykhe | GoogleScholar | LinkedIn | ResearchGate



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Posted 03-21-2017 07:53
Dear friend , i am new to the group and my facility language is french so i would like to link to french speakers too but my first problem now is to get partners too for the actions that i will be running here  in my country DRCongo?

Roger Pholo

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Posted 03-16-2017 03:26
  |   view attached

I am Frederick Kakembo PhD from Ndejje University in Uganda ( We are interested in joining up (as a co-research institution) with a lead researcher or lead research consortia,  (Principal investigators) on a project entitled 'Transformations to Sustainability (T2S)'. See the call for Project at

At Ndejje University, we are developing multidisciplinary research and development projects aimed at harnessing shared responsibilities (inter-sectoral partnerships) and synergistic frameworks (integration of knowledge/expertise) to achieve a series of sustainable development goals. Specifically, we focus on promoting welfare of grassroots communities by enhancing the Food-Energy-Water-Ecosystem nexus. Currently, we are endeavouring to develop capacities for up-scaling waste recycling for commercial scale production of bio-energy briquettes, biogas, electricity (biomass gasification), pesticides, disinfectants fertilizers and animal nutrients. The strategies for achieving the above include developing; 1) creating of public awareness on prospects of waste-recycling; 2) developing socio-economic incentives for community engagement in waste management; 3) undertaking capacity building in technical operations of waste recycling; 4) attracting private sector investment by demonstrating feasibility of recycling and through developing business models; 5) streamlining institutional frameworks and; 6) proposing supportive policy framework on waste recycling.

The three phased scheme comprises of;

1) Multidisciplinary team building: for integrating fields that relate with waste recycling. These include Engineering; generating bio-energy from organic wastes for powering municipal greening initiatives (irrigation) and wastewater treatment; Agriculture; producing bio-char and compost for municipal greening initiatives; business/management; socio-economic incentives, business models and entrepreneurship skills for up-scaling municipal waste recycling and; Social sciences, ICT & education; popularizing waste recycling and reuse.


2) Joint ventures with public-private-sector agencies: Conducting participatory needs assessments involving faculties and public-private-sector agencies; joint project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Workshops have so far been conducted with 5 municipalities, 4 central government agencies and 9 private sector agencies. This phase was occasioned by a corporate dinner for the launching of the first Academia-Public-private partnership on 17th February 2017, graced by the president of Uganda. 

3) Dissemination and capacity building initiatives; use of user-friendly multimedia platforms to inform grassroots communities; imparting technical, financial and managerial skills in communities and educational institutions. This phase was occasioned by the first international scientific conference on bio-waste recycling in Uganda on 26th -28th September 2016 opened by Minister of Energy/mineral resources and closed by Minister of Water and Environment.  

Find attached project concept entitled; Waste to Wealth: Transforming Norms, Attitudes and Practices for Sustainability

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Posted 03-20-2017 05:13
Edited by Mendel Giezen 03-20-2017 05:13
Hi all,

I am looking for a non-European partner with expertise on the analysis of flows from an industrial ecology perspective. So a partner from Japan, Taiwan, Brasil or USA. 

We are working on a proposal on circular urban development

All the best, 

Mendel Giezen
Assistant Prof. Sustainable Urban Development and Infrastructure
University of Amsterdam

Dr. Mendel Giezen | Assistant Professor Sustainable Urban Development and Infrastructure | Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research | Dept. of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies | University of Amsterdam | | +31655406346 | LinkedIn | @mendelgiezen


12.  RE: Deadline approaching: Transformations Call

Posted 03-21-2017 09:41
Dear Dr. Mendel Giezen

It is a great interest to hear that University of Amsterdam interest in this collaboration. I am very happy to collaborate together with University of Amsterdam it is permitted. I am in my final stage of PhD dissertation at Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) Freie Universitaet Berlin in the area of Eco-Innovation and Environmental Governance. Currently, I am in Malaysia and working as Lecturer and Researcher.


UTP Malaysia

13.  RE: Deadline approaching: Transformations Call

Posted 03-20-2017 14:32

The Sustainable Europe Research Institute SERI Germany would also be interested in collaboration, with a background in political economy, consumer studies and sustainability strategy development. However, we are not in a position to coordinate a consortium - has anybody made up her mind yet?

Ciao, Joachim H. Spangenberg

14.  RE: Deadline approaching: Transformations Call

Posted 03-22-2017 09:46
Dear All,

the Dialogue of Civilisations Reesearch Institute (DOC) based in Berlin, Germany, is looking to join existing T2S consortia proposing projects in particular in the field of "Govenrnace and institutional dimensions of transformations to sustainability". More information on research priorities can be found here:

Also, if you happen to know experts interested in working on sustainability in the context of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), please let me know,

In both cases, you can approach me at