Knowledge-Action Networks

Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Networks, alongside our projects, are the prime mechanism for delivering our research strategy. They are the essential links to our key focal challenges.
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The decarbonisation KAN is a network that gathers around the need for knowledge, policy advice and action for radical climate emissions reductions, while addressing sustainable development in all other aspects. By joining this community you are a part of the KAN and can start activities in line with the network.

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Future Earth Finance & Economics Knowledge-Action Network  

The Future Earth Finance and Economics Knowledge-Action Network will focus on improving the understanding of sustainability through the lens of business, economic and financial systems, and their inter-dependencies – and to do this, as much as possible, together with practitioners. There is growing interest from policy makers, financial practitioners, civil society and researchers in systemic interventions that can help mobilize capital for the transition to sustainability.

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Improve human health elucidating, and finding responses to the complex interactions amongst environmental change, pollution, pathogens, disease vectors, ecosystem services, and people’s livelihoods, nutrition and well-being.

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Natural Assets  

Safeguard the terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being by understanding relationships between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and services, and developing effective valuation and governance approaches.

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The Future Earth Ocean Knowledge-Action Network seeks to address these challenges through solutions-oriented research and by engaging with stakeholders from diverse sectors and regions and by drawing on the strong fundamental research and innovative agendas of the international marine projects and communities in Future Earth and beyond.

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Sustainable Development Goals  

Ensure that science is both a tool and an approach to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as specified by the United Nations Development Programme.

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Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production  

Encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns that are equitable by understanding the social and environmental impacts of consumption of all resources, opportunities for decoupling resource use from growth in well-being, and options for sustainable development pathways and related changes in human behaviour.

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The Future Earth Transformations Knowledge-Action Network connects researchers and practitioners all over the world in a concerted effort to identify and fill the knowledge gaps pertaining to societal transformations to sustainability. Participants will collaborate in bringing new knowledge and deepened understanding to bear on action, policies and other forms of intervention to accelerate the necessary moves to equity and sustainability.

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Build healthy, resilient, and productive cities by identifying and shaping innovations that combine better urban environments and lives with declining resource footprints, and provide efficient services and infrastructures that are robust to disasters.

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Water-Energy-Food Nexus  

Deliver water, energy, and food for all, and manage the synergies and trade-offs among them, by understanding how these interactions are shaped by environmental, economic, social and political changes.

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