Arctic Frontiers 2018 - Connecting the Arctic

Starts:  Jan 21, 2018 6:00 PM (CET)
Ends:  Jan 26, 2018 5:00 PM (CET)
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Connecting the Arctic

In a world of increasing turmoil the Arctic is still a place for collaboration and peaceful communication. In maintaining peaceful relations across borders in the north the encompassing science collaboration has been particular important. The vast ocean that represents the bulk of the arctic area carries large potentials, but also threats. As increasingly larger parts of it will be utilized, how do we communicate and conduct search and rescue. And more importantly, how do we secure productive and healthy oceans. Sustainable development of the ocean is of particular importance in this matter. Sustainable business development is also key in securing resilient arctic societies. Connecting these societies together and closer to the rest of the world’s ideas, knowledge, technology and capital is an issue of special importance at Arctic Frontiers in 2018.

Arctic Frontiers Policy
In 2018 the Arctic Frontiers Policy program will have five main sessions with the following tentative working titles: State of the Arctic, Technology and connectivity, Resilient Arctic societies and business development, Healthy and productive oceans, Industry and environment.

Arctic Frontiers Business
Arctic Frontiers Business is an international arena for companies to develop networks, discover new business opportunities, and keep up to date with the latest economic development in the Arctic. This is achieved through a conference program with keynote presentations, armchair discussions and business related side-events. Speakers are CEOs from leading firms in mining, maritime, oil & gas, aquaculture, and fisheries industries. 

Arctic Frontiers Science
Climate change and modernisation provide both enormous challenges and opportunities for the Arctic. Intense research and assessments document the impacts of human activities and climate change at regional and global scales, and help discover ways to conserve the ecological and cultural resources in the Arctic. Environmental policy and economic development in the Arctic needs to be based on sound knowledge and improved technologies and Arctic Frontiers Science provides an arena for latest findings in environmental and technological research in the region. 

Arctic Frontiers Arena

The Arena-pillar focuses on broadening the networks and knowledge of everyone attending the conference. Our side events and breakout sessions offer a closer look into the topics covered by the main programme. Receptions, social gatherings, networking meetings and coordinated coffee breaks in between different sessions give our partners and delegates the opportunity to establish new contacts and broaden their professional networks. Throughout the rest of the year, the Arena-pillar represents all seminars, open debates, workshops and network meetings both in Norway and abroad. For more information about our year round activities and upcoming events, please click on the boxes at the bottom of this page.

Arctic Frontiers Young
We have six different events under our Arctic Frontiers Young program where we invite young actors to the Arctic scene. These are: Arctic Frontiers PhD workshop with lectures about proposal writing as well as cultural events. The workshop is multidisciplinary and thus suitable for students from all scientific fields, Science for Schools which we arrange in collaboration with the Science Centre of Northern Norway and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists. Here we invite all 10th grade students in Tromsø to participate in a science project. Following lectures by scientists the students work on chosen project that is presented in a poster session during the conference; Science for Politics is an event aimed at increasing the knowledge about environmental, social and political aspects in the Arctic among young arctic politicians through a combination of lectures by senior politicians and scientists and working groups; Arctic Career Seminar is arranged in collaboration with UiT The Arctic University of Norway and introduces students to northern career opportunities. The seminar consists of presentations by senior business leaders followed by mingle and networking with peers and experts on Arctic business development; Emerging Leaders facilitates meetings between young professionals and PhD students/post docs and senior representatives from academia, business and the public sector. This one week program is a blend of technical, social and cultural events; Arctic Student Forum is arranged in collaboration with the Russian Geographical Society. The program consists of lectures by senior scientists, politicians, and business representatives, as well as study tours and workshops where students introduce their own research topics and prepare a report to be presented during the conference week.


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