World Biodiversity Forum

Starts:  Feb 23, 2020 12:00 AM (CET)
Ends:  Feb 28, 2020 2:00 AM (CET)
Associated with  Community Forum

Aim of the conference

The inaugural World Bio­di­ver­si­ty Fo­rum will bring to­geth­er lead­ing re­searchers, ear­ly ca­reer re­searchers, prac­ti­tion­ers, rep­re­sen­ta­tives from dif­fer­ent sec­tors, de­ci­sion-mak­ers and so­ci­etal ac­tors to have a con­ver­sa­tion on the kind of fu­ture we want (and/or do not want) for bio­di­ver­si­ty.
The Fo­rum will pro­vide a plat­form for ex­change, cov­er­ing a wide range of per­spec­tives, and cap­tur­ing a di­ver­si­ty of vi­sions. With this, it aims to re­de­fine and set the agen­da for bio­di­ver­si­ty as a fo­cal point over the next 10 years in cur­rent themes and top­ics across sec­tors.

In this, the Fo­rum sup­ports the “New Deal for Na­ture” to be forged by the Con­ven­tion on Bi­o­log­i­cal Di­ver­si­ty at the end of 2020. It is ligned with Sus­tain­able De­vel­op­ment Goals and achieve­ment of which will re­quire the in­volve­ment of all sec­tors/so­ci­etal ac­tors, so­ci­etal con­sen­sus and col­lec­tive search for so­lu­tions to con­serve bio­di­ver­si­ty.

Main themes of the conference

  • Chang­ing Bio­di­ver­si­ty - il­lus­trate the re­sponse of bio­di­ver­si­ty and ecosys­tem func­tion to en­vi­ron­men­tal change, ex­plore the im­pacts of (an­thro­pogenic) dri­vers of change and their in­ter­ac­tions and feed­backs with ecosys­tems.

  • Val­ues and Con­cepts - ex­am­ine the role of hu­mans and hu­man agen­cies in the pro­tec­tion and sus­tain­able use of bio­di­ver­si­ty, and ex­plore what does it takes and means for hu­mans to con­serve bio­di­ver­si­ty.

  • Fu­ture of Bio­di­ver­si­ty - what are the path­ways to de­sir­able fu­tures, which ac­tors need to be in­volved, and what com­mit­ments are re­quired?

  • Mak­ing an im­pact - high­light­ing the rel­e­vance and im­por­tance of bio­di­ver­si­ty for hu­man well-be­ing, adding val­ue bio­di­ver­si­ty knowl­edge by mak­ing it use­ful and used, fa­cil­i­tat­ing the im­ple­men­ta­tion of knowl­edge.

The conference is preceded by a Science - Society – Policy Dialogue, which brings together a wide range of actors from different sectors. The dialogue will see a variety of formats to facility interaction and exchange, from bilateral face-to-face meetings, small discussion groups, workshops, panel discussions with question-answer session and presentations.

To open the event to the broader public, we also envisage panel discussions and lectures open to all interested.

Planned output of the conference

A state­ment, recog­nis­ing the ex­is­ten­tial and eco­nom­ic im­por­tance of bio­di­ver­si­ty and ecosys­tem func­tion as the ba­sis of hu­man ex­is­tence, and the im­por­tance of bio­di­ver­si­ty and ecosys­tems to achieve sus­tain­abil­i­ty, chart­ing the way for­ward to achieve a “New Deal for Na­ture”.

Workshop and session organisers are encouraged to develop outputs such as special journal issues or policy briefs relating to the aim of the conference.


Davos Conference Centre
Davos Congress
Davos, 7270
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