World Biodiversity Forum

Starts:  Feb 23, 2020 12:00 AM (CET)
Ends:  Feb 28, 2020 2:00 AM (CET)
Associated with  Community Forum

Aim of the conference

2020 will see a new global biodiversity framework – a “New Deal for Nature” that will pave the way to achieve the 2050 vision of the Convention on Biological Diversity, “Living in Harmony with Nature”. Participants will explore the impacts of both world drivers(social, economic, and political change) and earth drivers(biophysical, chemical and structural change) on biodiversity, to examine the interactions between the different drivers and by investigating feedbacks in the systems, and to highlight the benefits and solutions biodiversity and ecosystems provide for sustainable development. We are expecting 500 – 800 participants from research institutions, conservation organisations, decision-making bodies and the private sector from around the globe to attend this conference. The conference will shape future research agendas in biodiversity science, will foster collaborative research across disciplines, and create connections between science and society.


Main themes of the conference

  • Understanding the response of biodiversity to environmental change – impacts of drivers, interactions and feedbacks
  • Exploring the future of biodiversity – models and scenarios of biodiversity change, synergies and trade-offs in pathways to desirable futures
  • Contribution of biodiversity to human wellbeing – linking biodiversity, ecosystem function and ecosystem services provision


The conference is preceded by a Science - Society – Policy Dialogue, which brings together a wide range of actors from different sectors. The dialogue will see a variety of formats to facility interaction and exchange, from bilateral face-to-face meetings, small discussion groups, workshops, panel discussions with question-answer session and presentations.

To open the event to the broader public, we also envisage panel discussions and lectures open to all interested.


Planned output of the conference

Conference statement / resolution on biodiversity, recognising the existential and economic importance of biodiversity as the basis of human existence, and the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems to achieve sustainability;

Workshop and session organisers are encouraged to develop outputs such as special journal issues or policy briefs relating to the aim of the conference.


Davos Conference Centre