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Bio, Publications

- BA and MSc in Biology with specialization in ecology and conservation biology,

- Thirteen  years of professional experience including nature conservation, protected areas, climate change, organic agriculture, resource efficiency, capacity development and environmental education,

-  7 years of UNDP experience under Environment and Climate Change and Inclusive Sustainable Development portfolios,

-  Significant project development and management experience in protected areas management (e.g. wetlands, marine and coastal areas), climate change, capacity development and environmental education,

-  Familiar with ecosystem services approach, planning and ecosystem based climate change adaptation, climate change policy and implementation, gender analysis and gender mainstreaming, local socio-economic development and community based development,

-  Experience in preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development programmes and trainings with national and international teams (Field Studies Council, Wageningen International, WWF Mediterranean Programme Office (Italy), and International MPA Capacity Building Program of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, USA) as well as coordinating and facilitating the trainings,

-  Experience in design and implementation of five training of trainers courses with UK Field Studies Council, Wageningen International and STGM,

-  Knowledge and skills on learning process, learning styles, training needs analysis, training methods and tools, training curriculums, evaluation plans and types,

-  Highly experienced at preparation of training manuals and worksheets, visuals (info graphics), interactive contents (role playing, mapping, working groups, case studies) and multimedia materials (interactive contents, e-learning),

- Knowledge and experience on stakeholder engagement tools,

-  Technical knowledge on protected areas management specifically marine and coastal protected areas, wetlands and national parks,

-  Experience in working and collaborating with national and local governmental bodies, NGOs, universities, private sector, local communities and international agencies,

-  Extensive experience in budgeting, financial management, procurement, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the UNDP-GEF and EU funded projects,  

-  Experience in project development process including project strategy (outcomes, outputs, activities) and strategic results framework, risk analysis, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation and lessons learning strategy,

-  Being involved in preparation of several grant projects in line with the EU, GEF and UN Joint Programme guidelines,

-  Highly experienced at writing both technical reports, evaluation reports, knowledge products, articles and communications outputs,

- Excellent communication, teamwork, time management, planning and organizational skills.