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Assam University, Silchar
Assam University, Silchar

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Dr. Arup Barman (B.1972) is a Professor, at Deptt. of Business Administration, JNSMS, Assam University, Silchar. He is Director of Centre for East Asian Business Studies, Assam University, Silchar. He is a recipient of Post-Doctoral Research Award from UGC, 2009-2011 (India); Barman is an Accredited Management Teacher (AMT) from AICTE-AIMA. He is a recipient of scholarship from Global Development Network (GDN) and (CIPPEC), Argentina: a Fellow Chartered Educator (honoris causa) issued under the academic treaty of Consortium Euro-America (CUE); A recipient of Best Reviewer Award-2011 from International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (INPPRF); Best Teacher Award from MTC-Global in 2011 and Best Professor (Teacher) Award -2013 from the Association of Scientists and Developers Foundation- ASDF Global. Nomination received for Life Time Achievement Award-2019 from Global Outreach of Research and Academics Society, India.    


Fellow, Indian Society of Business Management (FISBM), Chennai; Fellow of Agri-Horticultural Society (FHAS), India; a Head (Hony) of International Research and Development Council (CCLP-Worldwide, a Consultative Organisation to ECOSOC, UN); a consultant of Lumen Publishing House (Romania). He is a Fellow of World Business Institute, Australia. 

 Dr. Barman has more than 220 international research papers in various international journal of repute. He attended a couple of dozens of national and international seminar (in India and Abroad), and associating with academic and developmental projects.