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Giles is based in Future Earth’s Global Hub Japan, where he is a science officer primarily focusing on both the Future Earth Urban and Health Knowledge-Action Networks. He obtained his bachelor's in landscape and master's degree in urban design and spatial planning with international experiences in Belgium, China, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, USA, and Japan. He developed several design concepts and academic papers within the fields of sustainability science, urban engineering, ecosystem services, and public health. He received formal training by leading international design companies (Turenscape, Buro2&archi+1) and organizations (UN-Habitat ROAP).

Participation in highly demanding intercontinental programs enabled him to look at problems from various perspectives and scales applicable in both dense urban and remote rural areas. Giles strongly believes in the necessity to look at each project holistically and develop solutions that keep in mind the cultural identity of people and the environment over long periods of time.

Giles is concerned about humanitarian needs and focuses on the implementation of new concepts to achieve sustainable communities. Convinced that a comprehensive design cannot meet all necessary requirements, he aims for a strategic evidence-based approach. He has worked on a modeled-based approach using systems thinking for policymakers to help bridge the gap between strategy and implementation in urban planning and health.