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Altekio, Initiatives Towards Sustainability, S.Coop.Mad.
Altekio, Initiatives Towards Sustainability, S.Coop.Mad.

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Keywords: Sustainability, Socio-Ecosystems Regeneration, Sustainable Water Management, Biodiversity & Nature Conservation, Environmental Impact Assessment & Ecological Restoration.

I love biodiversity and ecosystems, learning how to keep them healthy and vibrant through the understanding of the relation between humans and our environment. Then, watching the whole picture of the Social-Ecosystem and how to improve its processes as an integral complex system with tools like Systems Thinking, Regenerative Design, Facilitation and Green Techs.

I have fun playing with, researching and designing low-carbon footprint Environmental Technologies for Ecological Restoration, Water Management and Sustainable Living. For some years I have been working together with Biomatrix Water and their innovative smart solutions for water ecosystems regeneration.

Find community life a key element for improving the relations between Society and Nature and that is why for some years I have been close to the Global Ecovillage Network and some ecovillages, specially Findhorn in Scotland. I believe Ecovillages are perfect places for researching new ways of living in a sustainable and low-impact way.

I enjoy taking care of bees in our community apiaries and bringing people to the pollination and beekeeping world, working in the gardens and improving the natural environment.

In Linked-in I manage the professional groups:
Restauración Ambiental (Environmental Restoration), more than 5,000 members:
Restauración de Ríos (River Restoration), more than 900 members: