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I contribute to sustainability science through environmental change research with interests in assessing land-use and change impacts on various environmental matrices. My current work focuses on assessing and mapping land degradation. As land degradation is driven by biophysical and anthropogenic factors, recurrent themes in my research are land change, urbanization, climate change and variability, drylands. At the intersection of geoinformation, natural and social sciences, my current research questions how society and environment interact to drive land degradation in dryland agroecosystems. 

A comprehensive definition of land degradation comprising physical, chemical and biological degradation types and indicators is used for assessment and mapping. This fosters an interdisciplinary approach that combines the use of qualitative and quantitative data from methods including satellite image analysis of land feature change, GPS, lab analysis of soil, vegetation and water samples, questionnaire survey of land users, semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and climate data. Many aspects relating to the sensitivity of semi-arid contexts to environmental change are taken cognizance of.

Focusing on the environment, adaptation to impacts of climate change and variability, food security, and poverty, I have led and/or participated in multi-disciplinary, multi-partner, externally funded research projects including EU-FP7, USAID, NICHE, IDRC, AIACC that incorporated post-graduate students.

Developed curricula and content for educational and training programmes in five African universities in GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and environment at postgraduate, and undergraduate levels.

Specialties: GIS, Remote Sensing, Land change analysis and modelling, Land degradation assessment.