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Freier Journalist
Freier Journalist

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Freelance Journalist, works for various non-profits and recommends his GENERAL THINKING profile page.

A short bio you can find at the FWC website:  
and as a more structured time-line of work-areas I invite you to check details and references from my UNDEF tutor/mentor profile page: 
were you can check of my basic work epoches:

Professional Epoches: (Subject areas)

1970 - 1979 Technician - Engineering – Construction – Planning - Facilities Management

1980 - 1989 Computer Graphics – Scientific and Environmental Visualization

1990 - 1999 Environmental Research/Management – Knowledge Organization – Terminology – Peace – International Culture & Coordination
– Academic Institution-building –

2000 - 2009 Environmental and Cultural Education and Exchange, Dialog and Participation

2010 - 2017 Environmental and Cultural Education and Exchange/Capacity Building, Dialog and Participation, Peacemaking and Deliberation and Multi-track Diplomacy and Policy-making
Earth systems governance, model theory, ... creativity and cognition, compassion and mindfulness