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Frederick Kakembo is a holder of PhD in Community Education and Training (University of Pretoria, South Africa) and Master of Education (Curriculum and media) of Makerere University, Uganda. Currently he is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Ndejje University, Uganda. He worked as Dean of Students and later Associate Dean of Research. He was the consultant and National Coordinator of a project entitled; Waste-to-Wealth; Sustainable Wastewater Management Project in Uganda, funded by Grand Challenges Canada and implemented by the United Nations University (Institute of Health and Environment). He has published the following papers; Kakembo. F (2012) Innovative Education and Training for Community-based Water Protection Units: International Water Association (IWA) online journal of Water Practice and Technology; Chamberlain. F, Ssonko. M, Okello, A. Namuyonga. F, Nakabembe. E, Kakembo. F (2011) Enhancement of East African Universities Contribution Towards Attainment of Millenium Development Goal 5 (Improving Maternal Health; Bradfast Print Shoppe, Canada; Kakembo. F (2011) Innovative Water Management for Lakeside communities in Uganda: The Eco-hydro-social Health Approach. Journal of Hydrologic Environment; UNESCO IHP HELP Programs special Edition 7(1) 131-136; 2011
He has presented the following papers in International conferences: Kakembo F (2012); Education For Transformation: From Disposal To Marketing Of Wastewater In Uganda; Kakembo F (2014); University and Community Service: Social and Entrepreneurial Models of wastewater Management; presented at the 7th world water Forum Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea; Kakembo F (2014) Business Models for Engaging Marginalized Fishing Communities in Wastewater Recycling in Uganda. Paper Presented at the Gender, Water and Development conference; East London, South Africa 2-9th; Kakembo. F (2012) New Wine in Old skins: Blending ICT with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Change Disasters in Uganda; Presented at the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Conference, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa; Kakembo. F (2012) Education the Key to Engagement, Empowerment and Evidence-Based Decision-Making; Water sanitation and health (WASH) activities in Formal education; presented at the World Water Forum, Marseilles; France; Kakembo. F & Mukooza E (2010) Educational Issues and challenges related to water, health and environment in Uganda; presented at the United Nations University –Institute of Water, Environment & Health, McMaster University Canada; Kakembo. F (1994) Education in Relation to Production Processes: presented at the Pan-African colloquium on Education and Development in the Post-colonial Africa. University of Cape Town, South Africa,