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I am a free-lance thought-leader, public commentator and social activist. I have spent my life exploring and seeking to understand the forces that are now re-shaping our lives, our world and our future. Today, as Executive Director of Foresight Canada, I am Canada’s leading practitioner and teacher of the next generation of strategic foresight.

My research into long-term civilizational change has led me to believe that the 21st Century is a rare hinge of history. I believe that the emerging conditions of the 21st Century will require every existing society to embrace a fundamental civilizational transformation. The core challenge we face is this: “How can we learn to cooperate with our own evolution as persons, families, groups, institutions and a whole society?” My current project will define the nature of and case for the quality of societal/civilizational leadership we require to undertake this journey successfully.

In addition to working as a consultant, I have designed and led new organisations and government programs. I have also written extensively on a wide range of topics, including civilizational paradigm change, strategic foresight 2.0 as the new cognitive work of leadership, the societal implications of microelectronic technologies, the emerging information society, 21st Century social policy, and the future of democracy.

I have studied and taught at Queen’s University and the University of Calgary. I am a graduate of Queen’s University and Queen’s Theological College in Kingston, Canada. I have also studied at United Theological College, Bangalore and the University of Calgary.

I am a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, the World Business Academy and the Meridian Institute on Leadership, Governance, Change and the Future. I have served on the Board of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, Calgary Economic Development Authority and the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science.

I live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta with Heather and our three cats.

You will find a good deal of what I have written in the Library of the Foresight Canada website.