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US Global Change Research Program
US Global Change Research Program

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I'm currently the International Coordinator and a Senior Analyst at the U.S. Global Change Research Program. I work with USGCRP leadership to develop the Program’s near-­ and long­-term priorities for international engagement and cooperation, as mandated by the Global Change Research Act. I also coordinate the International Activities Interagency Working Group (IAIWG),  to advance cross-­agency international activities, and serve as the point of contact with selected international programs, including the Belmont Forum, Future Earth, START and WCRP. 

In addition, I support USGCRP's Advance Science portfolio, coordinating the Integrated Observations Interagency Working Group (ObsIWG) and liaising with other domestic entities, including IARPC, SOST and US CLIVAR. 

Before I came to USGCRP I was a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow in EPA's Office of Atmospheric Programs, where I helped coordinate U.S. policy related to protection of the ozone layer and mitigation of short-lived climate pollutants, through the Montreal Protocol and other international fora. 

I was trained as an oceanographer, working at the intersection of physical oceanography and marine biogeochemistry. My research and teaching examined the linkages between climate variability, upper ocean circulation and mixing, and marine ecosystem change. Longer ago, I was a high school science teacher and a personal trainer.