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University 'Parthenope' of Naples
University 'Parthenope' of Naples

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My study on the occurring physical impacts related to some human activities, has been recently re-focused on sustainability and socio-ecological systems. In particular, atmospheric aerosol pollution in the urban environment. I am also interested in the study and surface measure of atmospheric precipitations and their impacts.
I became aware, starting from my background in physics, that we need to develop a new ‘evolutive physics’ for a more comprehensive understanding and description of human socio-ecological systems. In particular, I understood that an effort is necessary to develop an innovative physical description of human communities, where the environment, the economic and regulatory systems, culture, communication and education are included, since they play an equally important role for a sustainable societal lifestyle.
In my work, I employ field measurements, grey-literature analyses and accounting methods with three special focus subjects: two of the atmospheric components (i.e.: aerosols, precipitations) and the energy cycles of human activities, also involving the development of technologies.
Finally I am a violin player (classical and classical contemporary music) also dealing with the use of music in the field of science communication and sustainability.