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I am a Chemical Engineer with major in Food from the Universidad T├ęcnica de Oruro, Bolivia. I received a Master in Engineering Science with major in Mineral Processing Engineering and a Ph.D. in Mineral Process Engineering from the Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile. I have studied the thermodynamic and kinetic effects of impurities on the crystallization of boric acid from aqueous solutions; by solid-liquid equilibria and thermodynamic modeling, batch crystallizers modelling, the uses of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in situ and FBRM and PVM probes to determine the crystal growth and mechanism and their relation to the crystal size distribution and shape.

In 2008 I joined to the Research Process laboratory at the Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile, as a research assistant. I was involved in projects related to brines industrialization for producing boric acid, lithium brine processing by crystallization and electrodialysis to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide, sea water application in mining processes and metal extraction by using ionic liquids for mineral industry applications. From 2010 to 2012 I was a research assistant at the Department of "Physical an d Chemical Foundation of Process Engineering" at Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Dynamics of Complex technical Systems in Magdeburg, Germany. I worked on the Determination of the kinetics of crystallization of boric acid from aqueous solutions in absence and presence of impurities, using atomic force microscopy (AFM), cell growth and phase equilibrium.

In 2013 I participated in the Center for Advanced Research in Lithium and Industrial Minerals-Universidad de Antofagasta. I took part in projects of water purification and storage of electrical energy by lithium ion batteries, the study of manufacturing methods of lithium ion battery cells and the sustainability analysis of solar plants in Chile. Currently I am interested in the development of mining, energy and sustainability projects and the circular economy.