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Global Sustainability Institute/Anglia Ruskin University

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I am an environmental social scientist. My principal research interests are highly interdisciplinary and lie in environmental and climate change and their potential impacts on human systems. In particular, I am interested in the study of complex socio-ecological systems and systemic risk, with specific focus on environmental security and conflict. I approach these fields through qualitative (e.g. co-production and multi-stakeholder engagement) and quantitative (e.g. statistics, econometrics and computer simulation) methods.

I implemented these methods in a wide variety of projects such as the Global Resource Observatory (GRO) project, which involved modelling the consequences of scarcity of natural resources; the ESRC-funded Nexus Shocks Project, which involved co-production workshops with multiple stakeholders to evaluate policy-needs in response to shocks to the nexus (i.e. energy, food, water and society); H2020 MEDEAS project, where I am currently employed and which aims at simulating the decarbonisation of the European energy system.

In my PhD on the GRO project I developed an Agent-Based Model to simulate how scarcity of natural resources, their prices and political fragility cause food and fuel riots. The model simulates the global food and energy socio-ecological systems, with international trade of natural resources and their international prices, highlighting the countries most at risk to food and/or fuel riots. The model can be used to test consequences of shocks to the production of natural resources for national political fragility and the consequences of panic behaviours implemented by governments.