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Utrecht University
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physical Geography,
Utrecht University

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My research covers:
* Subsurface geological architecture of modern deltas: river and coast
* Lowland Geomorphology: from landform creation forward to deposit preservation.
* Fluvial sedimentology: from architecture back to depositional process.
* Generic palaeogeographical mapping using GIS and databases
* Rare river flood frequency-magnitude palaeohydrology.
* Sediment budgets at longer time scales for larger areas (valley and basin scale)

* Global Quaternary Chronostratigraphy: Pleistocene, Holocene, Anthropocene
* Southern North Sea sea-level rise and coastal plain geology: substrate sensitivity to human impact.
* Lower Rhine historic and pre-historic extreme-flood events: Netherlands, Germany
* Netherlands' and southern North Sea onshore-and-offshore prehistoric landscapes

I spend a part of my time at Deltares and TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands, working on the same topics, and lining these activities up with my research and teaching at Utrecht University.

Key publications

* Stouthamer, E., Cohen, K.M., Hoek, W.Z. (2015). De vorming van het land - Geologie en geomorfologie. 434 p. Utrecht: Perspectief. 7th ed.; continuation of Berendsen, H.J.A. (1996) and later editions of the same title. Academic text book.
* Toonen, W.H.J, Winkels, T.G., Cohen, K.M., Prins, M.A., Middelkoop, H. (2015). Lower Rhine historical flood magnitudes of the last 450 years reproduced from grain-size measurements of flood deposits using End Member Modelling. Catena 130: 69-81
* Cohen, K.M., Finney, S.C., Gibbard, P.L., Fan, J.-X. (2013). The ICS International Chronostratigraphic Chart. Episodes 36:199-204
* Cohen, K.M., Lobo, F.J. (2013). Continental shelf drowned landscapes: Submerged geomorphological and sedimentary record of the youngest cycles. Geomorphology 203:1-5) Editorial.
* Hijma, M.P., Cohen, K.M. (2010). Timing and magnitude of the sea-level jump preluding the 8,200 yr event. Geology 38:275-278.

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