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Club of Rome - EU chapter
Club of Rome - EU chapter

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I see myself as part of the wonderful community of citizens, social entrepreneurs, researchers and politicians that are reinventing economics and society along more sustainable and inclusive lines and serving the common good of local communities.

My contribution to this is:
- Systems approach : analysing lock-ins and possible leverages in a transdisciplinary way (so no 'blaming' of people of companies but helping them to take a helicopter perspective)
- Redefining work (so as to include all gender roles) in the post-industrial society
- Redesigning the way we valorise work (from 'scarce money' to 'abundant currencies'), from 'being employed for (private) profit' to 'being valorised for contributing to the wellbeing of the community'
- Governance : how can political and legal frameworks strengthen these resilient initiatives and build bridges with mainstream institutions?
- Responsible R&I: how can RRI be embedded in R&I institutions and policies at a decentralised level and in a radically democratic (transdisciplinary) way?

I developed a methodological framework (MISC) that allows communities to define a common (sustainable) goal, to map missing links and leverages in both niches and regimes, and to create a common platform for political advocacy.